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The need to meet new technology demands; business growth as a result of new services; or your desire to change your brand image require business planning strategies that can have a significant impact on business owner’s time, operations and financial resources.

Obtaining critical information early in the process allows for effective planning. By including our team early in your planning process we will obtain the critical information you will need to make informed decisions to achieve efficiency in a costly process.

In many situations, a change in your facility will require an evaluation of the building code for life safety requirements. Our planning strategies  would include investigation, evaluation, research, data gathering and the decision-making process during the pre-design phase to identify the scope of work that will be necessary to achieve your goal.

Strategic Facility Planning

Master Planning & Programming

Physical & Capital Needs Assessment

Site Analysis/Evaluation & Planning

Code Analysis 

Grant Application Assistance

Phased Construction Planning

Peer Reviews

Parking Planning Services

Energy Study Coordination

Envionmental Assessment Worksheet

Post Occupancy Evaluations