Historic Preservation

Courthouse home



The preservation of a historic building takes on a life of its own as it provides a sense of mystery and excitement. 

We should never underestimate the economic value a historic building may bring to a community; as the preservation, restoration or rehabiliation of a structure promotes revitalization and stability.

Experienced in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treament of Historic Properties, Scalzo Architects demonstrates the sensitive awareness to preserving the historical character of an older building as it may serve a new purpose and evolve as needs change to create a multi-generational legacy.

Preservation contributes to sustainability, as the re-use of an older building demonstrates an effective stewardship of our environmental resouces. Historic structures which tend to be built with higher-quality materials are non-renewable, once demolished it’s a piece of history lost. 

Historic Building Report

Existing Condition Assessment

Documentation of Existing Building Conditions

Feasibility Assessment/Reuse Studies

Recommendation of Repairs

Materials conservation analysis

Historic Structure Reports Coordination

Window Survey

Historic Construction Details and Specifications

Preservation Project Management 

Construction Observation