Queen of Peace Catholic School



Buildings are complex and costly so when a building failure or injury occurs, so too are the events that follow.

Scalzo Architects provides forensic architecture services to include the investigation, evaluation and reporting of technical findings due to design, construction, and maintenance deficiences; and their relation to buildings, spaces, and other built environments. 

Applying our extensive experience and expertise in construction technology and specifications we examine original design; construction documents; building codes; life-safety issues; and industry and professional standards. The results have the ability to address specific cause, range, and magnitude of issues which may be used by an attorney for litigation or similar forums.

Our comprehensive forensic evaluation, together with our consultant’s structural analysis, provides clearer insight of the problems and the direction and recommendations of corrective actions required to potentially repair and restore the existing building.

Forensic Building Evaluation & Analysis

Owner’s Representation

Photographic Survey

Building Condition Assessment & Report

Accessibility Evaluation for ADA Compliance

Reconstruction Services

Discovery Report

Expert Witness Testimony